Denver, are you listening?


I guess the upside to rolling with the old school local art sect is - I’m not the only one that feels an open contempt by the city towards Denver artists. You wanna throw meaningless graffiti characters on every building, and bring cookie cutter public art to our parks? Go right ahead. But at least deal with the open air drug deals, and drunks that trash our open spaces. Support the galleries, studios and individuals, that made those questionable neighborhoods desirable for transplants. I know you have the tax revenue since everyone and their cousin moves here. Stop putting artist that don’t have roots here on a pedestal for the public to fawn over. It’s super disheartening to watch co-op after co-op fold and struggle to find affordable new space. So that’s what my next and most likely final exhibition with Core New Art Space is all about. Denver left its biggest champions behind for a new facade, the ones that saw beauty in the city before it got to big for its britches. You want to put us on a website about arts and venues to attracted money and tourists but never actually visit the exhibition, never write us up in the news or share our posts. Time to find a place that actually values the time it takes to create something of meaning.


~For anyone that actually reads this sorry for the rant.